Anne Frank writing in her diary

Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany 1929, 3 years after her sister, Margot. Anne had a happy fun childhood and her father, Otto, was a keen photographer. But everything changed in 1939 when Hitler (the German leader) declared that every Jew must be killed, this was called Holocaust. To make things easier Hitler made all Jews wear yellow stars on their clothes, sadly the Franks were Jews.
The Frank family

Hiding in the Annexe

In 1942 Otto Frank decided that the Franks must go into hiding. Luckily he knew where, in his old office there was a secret annexe. The office was in Amsterdam. To get there the Frank family had to carry very little for suitcases might have raised suspicion. Luckily they got there safely, Anne took her diary and her Dad took her collection of pictures of super stars so she decorated her boring, dull room with lively pictures. Soon the Van Pels/ Daan family came (no one knows whether it was Van Pels or Van Daan) their names were Hermann, Auguste and Peter, who Anne cared for very much. Even more luck came along when Otto's Dutch friends supplied food for them all. Fritz Pfeffer, the final Jew to arrive in the annexe was a dentist. No other Jews came and the families all felt terrified, wondering whether or not they'll be found.
The secret doorway to the Annexe

The Cruel Capture

On the 4th August 1944, when Amsterdam was three weeks away from freedom, they all heard the dreaded sound of knocking. They heard a voice say 'Gestapo open up!' the Gestapo was the secret German police and someone had betrayed their secret, (this is still a mystery) The police came in and caught the Franks, the Van Pels and Fritz. They checked Otto's briefcase and threw it to the floor, Anne's beloved diary was thrown with everything in the case. The Gestapo took them all to prison and someone tried to rescue them but they failed.

The Family at Camp
All of the people who had hidden in the annexe were taken to concentration camp where they were stripped naked and tattooed with a unique number. Sadly Edith Frank, Anne's mum, died of starvation so Margot and Anne were taken to Bergen-Belsen camp. Margot Frank died of typhus and sadly poor Anne died a few days after with the same terrible disease in 1944. In the end 6 million Jews were killed in the terrible camps and Otto Frank was the only one who had hidden in the annexe that survived.

Anne's Diary
Anne's diary was the reason this story is famous. Her diary, that she named Kitty, was Anne's best friend and she wrote in it every day she could. One day, after the war, Otto returned to the Annexe and Miep Gies, one of the Dutch friends who supplied him with food, gave him the diary. Otto recognised his daughter's 13th birthday present and decided to publish it. the diary was first published in 1947 when Otto had edited it by taking out some mild parts about Edith. Soon he decided to leave it as it was and the diary was published, unedited and translated into many different languages (55 in fact!). Sadly Otto died in 1980 of natural causes.
'The diary of a young girl' remains the only true story about Jews in the Second World War.

Margot and Anne's grave, the Jewish symbol is there, the star of David.

Fritz Pfeffer

Hermann Van Daan

Peter Van Daan

Auguste Van Daan

Edith Frank

Otto Frank

Margot Frank

And Of course Anne!

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