Battle at Sky


In 1940 10th of July the Battle of Britain begins. When the World War 2 started it went through all of Europe and Asia and many country's joined the war. The air force where in the English plane fighting to stop Germany. Over 80 million people died in WW2, the Allies won after 6 years in the war. Hitler wanted to take control of the world, so he did so until Britain stopped Germany in there path, so Britain defended them selfs by getting heavy artillery so Germany couldn't get though the English.


Although the English used the spitfire, they also made one that had clip wing
s to go faster, so they can defend England from being destroyed. The user of the spitfire was the Royal air force. It had four 1918 concept of twin machine guns two on each side of the wings, they where Brownings. It was only fitted with four guns and another four later.

Vickers Wellington

Although the Vickers Wellington had six seats, it was a torpedo night bomber, to send missiles down all over Germany to destroy them. It had forward firing machine guns four reaward machine guns in tail turret. And lateral machine guns in each of the planes wings so it is heavy armour to get past the countries without being hit down by other planes so it has really good defence.

Messerschmitt BR 109

The Messerschmitt was a standard single fighter, also was the main German fighter, so they made lots of different types of the Messerschmitt. It was of the first true modern fighter, which the Germans m
ade really good, to battle in the war. It climbs up to 3000m but it goes approxinatily 348mph. Although its a single fighter, so they built it with more speed.


The Lancaster was a heavy night bomber, they went over Germany with other types of planes with them, so all of them didn't get defeated by the Axis which were Germans and the other countr'ys on there team. It was a seven -seat plane, so it had more weight on it so it went alot slower. It had good defensive and ofensive firepower, that means it can defeat the Germans easier, and a lo
t faster then other planes can do it. And has a lot of artillery to drop down from above the countr'y for hope that they would surrender so Britain can win the war but they cared on with the war.

Heinkel H 111P

Henkel H 111P was designed as a civil transport had entered the air force, good defensive weapons and a lot of f
Heinkel H 111P
Heinkel H 111P
irepower. It was a four-seat medium bomber, and can do lots of damage. One 1.92mm fixed machine guns in the nose.