The Blitz

In 1934, Adolf Hitler was made over all leader of Germany and decided to build an empire. He thought Germans were the supreme race and despised any other, and wished Germans were worshiped were ever they went.

Gas Masks

During the 2nd world war the government were worried that the Germans would gas the city with a gas bomb, so the government gave every one a gas mask. Nearly forty million gas masks were made. They were made of rubber and steel and are heavy and are uncomfortable to wear. They were in diffrent colours, red or blue for children and were black for adults.The gas masks were nick named mickey mouse masks because they were full of colours.It was very important that everyone knew how to put on thier gas mask so at school they would practice.Even babies had a gas mask, they covered the baby head to toe.luckily there were no gas attacks in london so no-one had to use one.
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To try to stop the germans bombing the city at night the british goverment invented a plan called black outs.The goverments made a law that every night, all the lights in london had to be turned off, draw thier curtins or blinds, put up black cardboard or paint.This had to be done every night half an hour befor sunset and untill half an hour before sunrise.This was so the germans would fly over London thinking it was just the country side.Even cars headlights and lampostswerent allowed on.So everyone painted white on lamp post so they wouldnt walk into them.Wardens had to watch the skies for german plains. If there were any germans the warden would sound a siren to tell the city.The warden also had to look at the city to make sure there were no lights on.
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The goverment desided that children were not safe in london. so they made a salotion called evacuation were the evacuees would travel by train to the country side away from harm. Sadly the familys of the evacuees did not like this plan because thier would be taken from them.Many posters were printed to try and persuade parents that it would be a safe and sencible idea.In the end the British goverment mandged to send 1 and a half million children to safty, which was about half the amount the goverment had been hoping for.
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