British Tanks And Planes


During WW2 the British Military needed a way to defend themselves against the Nazis. So, they used planes, for bombing and shooting other planes down. They also used tanks for extra defence and firepower on the ground and for being able to go long distances without stopping.

Super Marine Spitfire VIII

sam2.jpgThe Super Marine Spitfire VIII was a fighter-bomber that first went to war in 1943. This plane has a 4 bladed propeller engine that had twin browning machine guns. This was one of the faster WW2 planes travelling at a top speed of 408, in the 2 years of production they produced 1225 but production ended when WW2 finally did.

Crusader III

sam_1.jpgThe Crusader III was a tank that began production in 1941. Because the Crusader I and II had a 2 pounder gun they decided to upgrade it so they attached a six pounder. The Crusader III was the first British tank to mount this gun, but because of the gun they had to attach extractor fans due to the fumes. When it was at war it fought on the front lines for directing artillery but because of the armour the driver had limited vision.

Bristol Beaufort II

Sam3.jpgThe Bristol Beaufort II was a successful plane having made 2129. Because the Beaufort was a torpedo bomber some missions were even to fly over Nazi harbours and bomb the warships this also had to bomb ships in the sea, its first mission was in 1940, this also bombed Germany and heavily armoured vehicles.

Churchill Tank

This was a very successful infantry tank made by famous car company Vauxhall, even though they were not experts in tanks this was a hard tank to beast. There were 7369 made and they were used all over the place like North West Europe, North Africa Italy USSR and Korea.

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