children in world war two


During world war two children found it very hard to get along with other children . And they didn't just find getting along hard they found evacuation very hard because they had to go on a train and leave there families behind . There families waved them of. Lots of mums cried but they new they would be much safer their then were they were. Some children didn't cry because they thought there families would go back for them in a month or two. But it was hard for some children because when other children's percents came to get them some didnt come back because they had died in the war .it wasthe goverments idear because they didnt want children to die.


It was hard for parents becase some times children didnt go to school for five years because meany schools had been bombed .All boys that went to school had to have shourt hair and if they didnt there punish ment was the cane .Girls and boys had to have seperet classes from each other .And boys couldnt wear long trousers till the last year at there school and there is more.School nerses used to go round every day to every class looking for nitts .


Many ships each day travled to get food but many ships got sanck on the way back with the food by German sum berins .they didnt have much frozen food it was mostly tind food such as meat , beans ,peas and tuna .wat was good was they had green books that ment they could get first pick of food when they went to get there food and you could get things out of the book such as fresh fruit like appls and pairs.Some times poor people had to eat things like pickled banna. Before the war started thay had things like marjerin and dippers but when the war started they didnt have it as much.Most poor people
didnt get there food because buy the time they got there all the food was gone .

Kichens for rich people in ww2

Most rich peoples kichens had gas kookers wich didnt just heat the food it heated the room as well.Poor people had wood firesand cole to go with the wood . And rich people could aford the best things for there kichens,and they mostly were at the front of the cue when they went to get ther food .


In the first week of september over a thosand people left for evacuation .They called there new homes Billets . The jorny was often crowded and there was now room to sit down .after a few mounths some perants came to get them it was hard for the familys that looked after them before to let them go so they often cryed some times the other perants that came to get them felt gillty for leaving there children there but they might have got killd if they had stayed with there proper familys.