children being evacuated


On september 3rd ,1939 Britain joined the war. Britain France, Belgium and the Netherlands declared on Germany. As the war went on more children were separated from there family and were sent to the countryside they were called evacuees.

The children

Evacuation was not compulsory. Some children stayed with their parents because of the danger of the air raids. And because of this no one could escape from the war.Everybodys home might have been a front line thats why we say we fought on the home front instead of the battlefront.

Bags and baggage

Children always took food for a day worth and had to carry their own possessions. Children didn't own coats so they were very cold and had to carry their gas masks 24:7 in case of a gas bomb. They had small gas masks and were called Mickey Mouse Masks they were orange and blue.

New families

Foster parents always took a while to get used to the children and found th
children leaving to go to the country side
em dirty and bad mannered. Foster parents who rented out there house that the children would give there guests diseases so they didnt treat them very nicely.

School in wartime

Children's education suffered because of evacuation. After evacuation many schools were used as emergency canteens or centres for the homeless.

I think

I think evacuation in ww2 would be dreadful and I would be absolutely petrified of the bombs and going to a new family not knowing anyone

children getting ready to be evauated

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