During ww2 in the blitz Hitler decided to bomb London. It became unsafe for children so it was decided the children had to evacuate the big cities and go to stay in the country side for a while until the bombing had finished and leave their family behind.

Bags and Baggage:?
Did you know that gas mask were made of rubber and steel and were very uncomfortable and heavy to wear. Gas masks were needed in case Germans bomb london with poison. Chilfren wore labels to say who they were and how old they were. Children had to take 2 pairs of pants, spare socks, soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, comb, hair brush, warm coat and a a bed dress.

Schools in war times:?
47,000 country mansions were turned into schools. Boys had to have short hair or they wood be whipped by the cane.

All aboard:?
Babies could not go away from their mums so babys stayed in London. childron were very sad to leav there parants For more infow clik here childerens wed

new familes:
did u know:? some foster parents were shocked the children had nits. Some children all stood in a line and people would come along and pick their favourite child.