The Food and the Rations.


During WW2 food was in short supply all over UK. Rationing was introduced, to make sure everyone had a enough food, and was very healthy. The Government wanted people to grow their own food.

Healthy Eating

To stop people getting ill and to give them energy the Ministry of food also wanted people to eat more healthily. Children were given special milk, oil and orange juice.

Grow More vegetables

The Government wanted people to grow their own vegetables so they kept chickens and ate rabbits and lots of carrots and potatoes.

The Need for Rationingexternal image ration-book.jpg

The Government wanted everyone to have ration books and this was your ration for a week.

3 pints of milk.
55g of tea.
one shilling of meat
55g of cooked fat
170g of butter
225g of sugar
115g of bacon
225g of jam
30g of cheese

I hope you liked my paragraphs about food in World War 2. By Alessandra Dewfall.