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During the world war two as all of the ships that carried food sunk all the shops started to lose all there food so the government decided that everyone had to grow there own fruit and vegetables this was called dig for life.


In world war two as all of the ships that carryed all the food and wepons got shot all of the children helped by recycling all of there old metal toys to make into wepons.

Recipes and staying healthy

By the time it got round to 1943 the british had made some intresting recipes like sheep's head stew and portman pudding but as more people ate meat they seemed to go for sheep's head stew more. But by a few months doctors had to be called out to all of the babys and pregnant women becuase the food was affecting them so within a year evryone had to take special tablets children and babys had to take blackcurant ones and adults had to take orange ones these contained vitamin c.

Not enough

By 1944 the goverment were furious becuse evryone was wasteing evrything they had so they put up posters witch hada bug on it saying not to waste all your clothes and food.


ration_book.jpgAt the end of 1944 the goverment agreed that the british should have something called rationing. Rationing was where you go to th shops and you could buy meat and protien then you would show them your ratoning book and they would stamp it when you brought something. For more information click here.


In world war two lots of familys loved to keep pets some where to love and some where to eat. It was exactly 194511.5 million chickens and goats where kept as pets. Lots of pepole liked to keep pigs to keep and look after or to feed them and kill them to eat.


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