Op. Overlord

Op. Overlord was a secret operation by the Allies to liberate France and push their way to Germany. It took place on June the 6th 1944 in Normandy France, and was succsesful. BUT, Over 10,000 people were killed, wounded and missing.

The U.S.A.

The U.S.A.'s Beaches consisted of Omaha and Utah named after states, here is a short description the U.S. forces on Utah.
U.S. troops on Utah Beach
Utah Beach's success depended on their Airborne and Troops who quickly took over. In the 1st Wave there were 10 Higgins Boats on each side, Each boat could hold 30 troops. In the 2nd Wave 32 more Higgins boats landed on the shore. In the 3rd Wave 8 more Higgins Boats and DD tanks came to help the infantry. The 4th and last Wave had detachments of th 237th and 299th Combat Engineer Battalions.

Omaha beach however was a Bloodbath and lost over 2370 troops! The reason could be that they came in large numbers so when the Nazis fired they were sure to hit something or someone, Omaha beach was also used in games such as "Medal of Honour Allied Assault" and movies like "Saving Private Ryan"


British Troops on Pegasus Bridge
The Gliders played a key part in Op. Overlord, for instance, British Glider troops had to take over Pegasus Bridge Guarded by 2 Nazis, and then 50 more Nazis came. The reason for taking over Pegasus Bridge was that it was one of the only bridges across a River that joins up to the Sea. When under Allied control more men and transport can get across, they succeeded.


Paratroopers were dropped all around Normandy and most of the U.S. Airborne was scattered, Airborne at Utah were at risk, some were even dropped in the Channel! They drowned. A Paratroopers worst nightmare was a Nazi Antiaircraft gun; they would shoot at the Planes or even the Troops! Some Airborne Parachutes didn't even open!


The Mulberry Harbour was a floating Ship Yard in the Channel. The Mullbery stored Battleships, Landing craft and troops, the Mulberry also had a long bridge that can reach the Beaches and Vehicles went across. The U.S. version of the Mulberry's Bridge couldn't keep the Tanks and Jeeps weight so it fell. The U.K. and Canadas Mulberry was successful.


Canadian Troops On Juno Beach
Canada's beach was Juno. They chose this beach probably because people used to live there, this made it easy to come up the beach and take down the Nazis. Like most beaches it was successful.

U.K. Sword

Sword Beach was less than ten miles from Gold Beach and four miles from the start of Juno Beach. Like Juno, Sword was near a town and easy to capture. Some French commandos were in this battle helping the British. For more info click Here

U.K. Gold

Gold beach was the code name of one of the D-Day landing beaches that allied forces used to invade German occupied France. The beach was to be assulted by the 50th Division between Le Hamel and Ven sur Mer. Attached to them were elements of 79th (Armoured) Division. The 231st Infantry Brigade would come ashore on Jig Sector at Le Hamel/Asnelles and the 69th Brigade at King Sector in front of Ven sur Mer.