Operation sea lion and Barbarossa

Operation sea lion was the name of the name of the German plan to invade Great Britain in 1940.
German plan for Operation Sealion
German plan for Operation Sealion

On July 16th 1940 Adolf Hitler ordered the German military to prepare for the invasion: "since England,
in spite of her hopeless military situation shows no signs of being ready to come to a compromise, I have
decided to prepare a landing operation against England". Hitler identified four conditions that needed to be
fulfilled before the invasion could go ahead :

1. Defeating the RAF

2. Clearing the English Channel of British mines and using German mines to seal the straits of Dover.

3. Dominating the coastal zone of (now occupied) France with heavy artillery.

4. Preventing the Royal Navy from intervening in the invasion, by engaging the British fleet in the North Sea
and, the Mediterranean and by attacking the home squadrons.

On September 17th Hitler cancelled Operation sea lion. In 1941 Hiler instead turned to the East, and invade
the Soviet Union (Operation Barbarossa) which meant Britain never again faced a serious threat of German

Operation Barbarossa was the code name for Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union, in World War 2 that
began on the 22nd June 1941.
Over 4.5 millions solider from the Axis power