Rise of the Nazis

in 1940 Adolf Hitler wanted to take over the whole world, Hitler thought that the Germans were a supreme race and he wanted to be the overall leader of of the world.

Early battles

Before Germany turned its attention to Britain they fought in many other battles which included the invasion of Austria, Czehcoslovakia and Poland and all three times they were sucsesful but that was when the british declared war on Germany this is the start of world war 2.



Hitler was born in 1989.

He is the leader of Nazi Germany.

He started world war 2 by invading Poland.

Adolf Hitler killed himself in 1945.

Neville chamberlain

British primeminister declared war on germany.

he resigned in 1940 just before the end of the war.

F.D Roosevelt

He was the president of the U.S.A

He declared war on japan.

He died in 1945,so didnt clelebrate victory.

Winston churchill

British primeminister #2.

He was very famous for his speeches.

He was prime minister at the time that the war was won.

who were the nazi

The nazis were hitlers followers and army.Thay were combinded with other countrys like Germany,Italy,Sovaia,Hungry, Bulgeria and Romania.Adolf Hitler the leader of the Nazis wanted to take over the whole of the world and build a empire.

German wepons

  • STG-44
  • MP40

  • Kar98k

  • panzersecherck