The Blitz

In 1940 during world war 2 there was a bombing in the big cities of Britian called the Blitz. After defeating France Adolf Hitler set his attention on Britian because he wanted more land.

Bomb shelters

During the Blitz people would use underground train stations as bomb shelters or they would make their own. Anderson shelters were made outside and under the ground. They could fit up to six people in them, they were safe but damp, cold and dark. Morrison shelters however were put together inside and also used as a table. Morrison shelters were no use if a bomb was dropped on the house, you could only fit up the three people in them but they were warm and dry.

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Gas masks

In the blitz the british goverment were afraid that the german soldiers would drop gas bombs so they decided to hand out gas masks. When the children went to school they were taught how to put the gas masks on so they were secure. Gas masks came in 3 different colours red, blue and black. Babies gas masks covered their whole body and were pumped by their parents.mask.jpg

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The Blackouts

To stop the Axis seeing their target the goverment ordered blackouts, lights had to be switched off, car headlights had to be turned off etc. In the blackouts people bumped into things like lamp posts.

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