The Blitz


The war started in 1940-1945 ,during WW2 Hitler decided to bomb Britain. London was bombed every night for 11 weeks straight. Many bombs were dropped on buildings and many houses were destroyed. There were lots of bombs some highly explosive and some you might need a gas masks to protect you, because it was poisonous gas. Hitler invaded Poland and Britain said we'll go on Poland's side so they had war.
Childrens gas masks

Gas Masks:

Nearly 40 million gas masks were given in total, even babies had to wear gas masks and it covered their whole body. For example poster all-round show how to put the gas masks on and to take them off. Adult gas masks were black and children's gas masks were red and blue.


Morrison bomb shelters were built in peoples homes to protect them from bombs.They could even use it for a little table to have their dinner on, they have space for 2 to 3 people ,mostly warm and dry, used in lots of homes. Many people were safe but it was hard to get out off.
Anderson bomb shelters built in people's garden to protect them from bombs, it could have 4 to 6 people in it, it was cold, dark and smelly sometimes ,easy to get out of and a lot better to go in and safer than Morrison.
Anderson Shelter


During the black outs many people had to switch all there lights out and you can paint your windows black and the government order to have all light's turn off 1hour before sunset street light's turned off and so were car light's, people used to bump into each other and lamp posts. Airaid wardens would check if your house has no light's on in your house the germany would not bomb you if you had you light's on the germany will bomb you and you will get a fine and I dont now how much that is it is probably a lot!

Bombs falling on london:

Btitain bombed Berlin and then Hitler told his men to bomb London in 1940 London were bombed for 11 weeks lots of bombs were dropped and lots of buidings were destroyed. Lots of bombs were highly exposive.