World War 2 - The Blitz


During World War 2, Hitler defeated France in June 1940. He decided to invade Poland, but the British Government said that if he tried to invade Poland, then they would fight him. Hitler was outraged and he sent airplanes to bomb London, Bristol, Birmingham and Liverpool. He hoped that Britain would surrender. 40,000 people died during the Blitz, half of them were in London.

Gas Masks:

They made 40 million gas masks. Adult gas masks were black, children's gas masks were red on the mask, blue on the filter. Baby gas masks covered their whole body. The gas masks were made of rubber and steel, they were very heavy. People felt sick because the mask smelt like rubber and disinfectant.Children who went to school had special lessons learing how to put there gas mask on. childrens_mask.jpg

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The German air raiders would bomb places where they saw the light, so at night if you were driving you would have to dim your car headlights. At the house you would have to dim your house lights or paint your windows, or buy black out curtains. At night if you were walking around with no source of light, you would walk into things, or if your eyes were used to the dark. If you were caught with your lights on you would get a fine.

Bomb Shelters:


People hide in tube stations if there home was bombed or not it was safer than a house. A morrison bomb shelter was built in house's it would be under your table. The table would be connected to the bomb shelter it could hold up to 2 or 3 people. It was warm and dry it could hold up to 2 or 3 people. it woud saved you time then running out side to the bomb shelter. A anderson bomb shelter can hold up to 4 or 6 people it was dark and smelly and damp it be in your garden. You could easily escape from it. It provided some shelter from some attacks.


The Government was worried that the children would be killed, so they thought to save children's lives, they would send them on trains and buses and boats or cars. Babies would stay with their parents, the children would go out to the countryside to live with foster parents who would choose the children they wanted to foster. The children were allowed to take:

2 Pairs of pants and socks
A toothbrush
A hair brush or a comb