The Blitz by Maisie

The Blitz

The blitz started on the 7th of September 1940 just around tea time. It started when Hitler decided to turn his and his troops attention to Britain on the goal to conquer Britain and make them surrender to Germany. They did this by attacking them with bombs and demolishing their home towns.

Gas Masks

In world war two everyone had to wear gas masks and carry them every where they went. They did this because they were worried that that the Germans would use gas to attack.

Children were red and blue and were nick named Mickey Mouse masks whilst adults were black and had no nickname. But it wasn't just adults and children that wore them it was babies to although they were very big on them. Approximately 37 million were made and sold over the U.K but this was a waste, as they were never attacked.

Children had special lessons to learn how to put them on. and there were posters every were showing just how to put them on. They were very heavy and uncomfortable as they were made of rubber and steal.


Shelters were everywhere in the war in gardens in homes and in under ground tunnels. Many people slept over night it wasn't very comfy.
There were lots of different types of shelters but there were 3 main ones the Morrison (named after Herbert Morrison) the Anderson (named after John Anderson) and underground shelters.

Morrison Facts

1. They were hard to escape from
2. There was space for ONLY 2-3 people
3. They were warm and dry

Anderson facts!

1.Easy to escape from
2.Space for 4-6 people
3.Cold damp smelly and dark

Underground tunnels were the best by far though. But they did have some downfalls like they could get crowded and they had hardly any toilets.

There were so many more shelters like air raid shelters AKA Bomb shelters in which sometimes lessons were held.
People found it hard to find a public shelter for the night as most were full you would be lucky if you did people even slept on escalators

The black outs

It was pitch black in the black outs, everyone had to turn out there lights even the street lights were turned of it could get dangerous.
Lots of accidents happened in blackouts eg: people bumping into things, car crashes and lots more.
It was the law to turn of the lights in homes if you didn`t you could be in big trouble, not only with the government but you were in more of a chance in getting bombed by the Germans.
Some people kept to the rules very strictly and even painted there windows black!


As they were worried about the children in world war two getting badly hurt or killed they made them move far away with a different family who would act as a career
The people who hey moved in with could be horrible and strict and what they spent there days doing was very different to what the children would normally be doing at there usual home.
The government had a hard time trying to persuade the childrens parnets to let there children or child go. Some parnents completly refused so there children were left in danger. The children wouldnt see there family and freinds for mounths. They started to get bored homesick or both.

Other intresting facts!

After the war 430 pepole died and 1,600 were badly injured which is not a lot despite the fact the war was horific. In May 1941 1.4 million pepole lost there homes.
There was a big celebration all over Europe when the war ended this was called VE day by now everyone was happy!:);)


Blackout poster 1940
Anderson shelter
Evacues in the war
Childs Gas mask (Mikey mouse)