The Blitz


The blitz started in 1940 and went on till 1941. Adolf Hitler (Leader of Germany) tried to take over a couple more countries and did it with success. Next he tried to take over Poland but England and France said "No don't" and declared war. England was bombed in lots of important cities like London, Bristol, Manchester and Liverpool. it was horrible.
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The Black out:

The Black out was a big part of the Blitz as every were was pitch black. Every half a hour before night the lights would go out until half a hour from sunrise. People would walk around in the pitch black and they would bump into things like lampposts or houses.
Cars went around with their headlights off. Everyone either painted there windows black or shut there curtains, to make it black. Every day a newspaper would come out telling everyone the news on the war. A worden would walk all around with a flas light and check that every light was off. In order to keep safe from the Germans, every were was pitch black.

The Bomb shelters

There were two different bomb's shelters, the Morrison' which was inside and was useless against bombs and the Anderson, which was inside and worked against bombs. Everyone was scared of the bomb attack so everyone had one inside and out. The Morrison was very hard to get out of and the Anderson had space 4-6 people and was easy to get out. Luckily the bombing started in 1940, and ended 1941, as it could have gone on for longer.

Gas masks

Everyone had a gas mask as England were affraid or gas attack. England were very lucky because they didn't need them. Although gas masks were hard to put on, the teachers tolt the children how it was done. A family member pumps a baby's gas mask as the mask went over their whole body. There were lots of different colours of gas masks, Black for the adults and blue and red for all the children these were nick named the Micky Mouse mask.


All of the children got evacuated, as it was so dangerous. . They got evacuated in 1939 when the war started and then came back in 1940 and went back again because of the blitz. children missed there parants a lot but were happy because they weren't in danger. Three and a half million children got evacuated from London. The host was given 8 shillings for each child that was evacuated.
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The morrison bomb shelter
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The Blue Micky mouse gas mask
The red micky mouse gas mask

The Anderson bomb shelter

The Black out
Adolf Hitler
The terible things that happend