The Rise Of The Nazis

 Adolf Hitler started by bombing France , Austria and Cechoslovakia
The British said if you bomb Poland then France and Engand would declare war on Gemany .
They started World War Two known as WW2

The German Guns

Germany had for there guns a gewer kar98k , wolfer p328
also a panser shriek stg44 and a mg42 .

Adolf Hitler was made chancellor of Germany when Hitler bombed France Austria
and Czechoslovakia he thouht he could do anything he wanted to do. He wanted
to have a whole entire kingdom .

The Nazis were Hitler's followers and army the Nazis were joined up with italy and russia .
The main captians were Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin. Hitler was the boss of Germany and
Mussulini was the boss of Italy also Stalin was the boss of Russia they are all the Nazis.

Adolf Hitler
Benito Mussolini
Joseph Stalin

Hitler and his army, the Nazis, would keep on trying to take over Europe.
Europe had to have a blackout so the bombers could not see any part of Europe.
They also had a special walk so they didn't bump into people or a car or a lampost.