The Blitzthe_blits_lewis_c.jpg

´╗┐world war 2 started when Adolf Hitler tryed to invade poland. Britan and France asked Hitler to stop but he refused so France and Britan declared war on Germany . soon other countreys joined in the war and so the countreys were given names France and Britans side were called the Alleis and Germanys side were called the axes.

Black outs

Black outs started when the Germans bombed Englsh citys .The Govorment orded black outs so the German bombers couldn't see they targets at night. Dew to black outs they were more accident's at nights like cars crashing,people walking into things it happened so ofen people waved they arm's and leg's around to avoid hitting enething. Some people painted there windows black and evrey one HAD to turn there lights off at 5;00. wardens walked about at night to make sure all lights were turned off.

Gas mask'sGasMask.jpg

Gas masks were made in case of a gas attack luckly thay didn't need to be used ,over 40 millon were made . Most of them were made of rubber and steel. The children found out that if you blew through the mask it made a rude noise. The childrens mask's were called mickey mouse mask's babys mask's coved evrey bit of them.

Bomb shelters

There were to types of bomb shelter one for inside called Morrison and an outside one called Anderson .Anderson shelters had to be close to the house so they didn't have to walk so far.Morrison shelters were inside and could be used as a table it was warm and dry while the Anderson shelter was wet and damp but if the house was bombed the Morison shelter was useless

city's that were bombed

There were lots of city's that were bombed more than 32 infact and here are some of them Liverpool, Bath, Bristol, london, Birmingham and lots more.
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