The Blitz

In 1939-1945 London was bombed 57 nights in a row and destroyed more than 1 million London homes by Adolf Hitler and the German army. Some family's put up tents and went into caves off target places ,like London.Soon after the first raid on london the German air force began bombing factory towns, but these were well defended by the RAF fighters.

How people helped

Boy scouts and girl guides were used to do important things like building defences, keeping watch on fires and helping at hospitals.Girls and boys knitted socks and gloves for the soldiers, and teenagers became pen pals with young soldiers. Boys who were not quite old enough to join the armed forces were able to serve in the armed forces were able to serve in the messenger service, this involved carrying messages for the army and being ready to go into action if the telephone communications were broken.


To prevent enemy bombers seeing London at night, the government ordered blackouts, all street lamps were turned off and even cars dimmed their headlights, wardens walked around every night checking that lights were turned off and people even walked into lamp posts.

How many people died

Over 43.300British people died, one morning some people found over 450 people dead and another 1,600 were injured aboutexternal image isledog.jpg 50 million people died in total and hundreds of people were killed.


By 1944 it was very difficult for enemy bombers to reach Britain without being shot down and the Germans had already lost too many pilots so German scientists invented v1, an
Unexploded bomb
Unexploded bomb
aircraft that flew without a pilot. some bombs were high explosive the rest were incendiary (fire) bombs which threw out flaming pellets.

Family stories

1) When my grandma was about 5 years old she stayed with her mum at her aunties house for 2 weeks but they actually stayed for 9 months because of the bombing raids, so my grandma started going to school there, and her cousins knew she hated gas masks so they chased her round the garden wearing their mickey mouse gas masks.
2)When my great gran was about 28 years old, in the Blitz, she came home one night and found her house was flooded so she turned on the light and was shouted at by the warden because it was the blackout and her light was on so she closed the curtains and after a while found the stop cock and turned the water off and got rid of the water.