For most of the six years from 1939-1945 britan and germany have been main rivals and still are now,but why is that? well this never would have been if it wasn't for the rotan alford hittler trying to take over the world so that is why!! in 1940 hittler wanted to take ove the world "exactly" the whole world. Hittler thought that germans were the surpreme race, hittler dissliked black people and jewish, well actually anybody with a different belief, but liked people with blonde hair and blue eyes.

black out

At day it was allways bright so it made it to easy for the germans to aim a bomb direct,so at midday people would normally go to london underground, mostly because any type of bomb has a very slim chance of being able to go down all those stairs, but sadly one day a bomb landed on the top step and gradually rolled down the stairs and as you can guess it blew almost all the poeple up, and around120 poeple died from the bomb, At night people were forced to turn all the lights off in there house, and all electritions had to turn of the street lamps, people who where driving in there cars also had to turn of there head lights, so if a very silly person was walking about they were very likley to walk into lamp pos,.but turning off the lights was mostly for there own saftey!.

Aircraft Spotters and leaders

Aircraft spotters where special trained people, there job was to search the sky's above the city for oncoming missile fire from enemy spitfire.

Even buckingham palace was bombed. Bomber planes were allways in the sky, but when they were seen all alarms were set off!.

(nevile chainberlin)neviele chainberlin was a very nice and loved person he was a futtfull one to. he was the one that demanded war on germany,british primeminester*1 but sadly gave up his job of being primeminister.
(winston churchill) british priminister 2 (speach-won war)
(Joseph Starlin) Director of russia and a very cruel leader.
(Adolf Hitler) Austrian born 1889 dictated germany shot his wife and himself in 1945.